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Blah, Blah, Blah… Pls RT

By Doc Sheldon | April 13, 2011

There are many ways in which to use social media, and Twitter in particular. Unfortunately, though, it seems that the wrong ways are the most popular.

This ain’t Farmville, folks! Nobody cares who you ousted as Mayor of your local comic book store.  We also don’t need to know that you’ve checked in at the Free Clinic for your weekly checkup.  The song you’re listening to at any given moment is probably of interest only to you, the artist and one other person on the planet. And of the three, you’re probably the only one on-line.

Programming auto-tweets is a very useful function. Setting up 5 to 10 to tweet all at the same time, however, is very annoying. I resent having to scroll down through three screens of your stupid avatar just to find some real content.

Even more annoying is rapid-fire tweeting of precisely the same tweet, back to back, especially when you tweet every tweet of the day that way, all day long. YOU just got unfollowed!

I won’t even go into the clutter created by hashmarks. A two hour chat with every single utterance marked with a hashmark is great, if a person wants to follow the chat. But until Twitter gives the option of temporarily showing a tweet ONLY in the hashmark stream, all those tweets just create a tsunami in the regular stream. Get a Skype-room, already!

While I’m ranting, there’s a couple of folks that like to tweet things like “For a 25% off coupon on freeze-dried squid morsels, check this out:” and no link.

WTF? Now my mouth is watering for some of those tasty squid morsels, and ya left me hangin’! Is that some kind of new-fangled marketing technique that just went over my rapidly balding head? Or did your URL shortener go into overdrive, and create the ultimate short URL? Maybe I’m missing something there.

Hell, it wouldn’t be the first time.


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