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Showing your Ignorance is NOT Mandatory!

By Doc Sheldon | June 28, 2011

I won’t try to tell you I have anything particularly noteworthy to say today. I just felt like a rant.

I spent a little time on Twitter today, and was generally disgusted at the number of “Woot! PR Update!” tweets I saw. It seems like there are still a hell of a lot of people (sheeple?) that think that Foolbar PR actually means something! Wake up, folks! IT MEANS SQUAT! ZILCH! NADA!

And if it ever DID indicate anything about your site, that was MONTHS ago!

And even then, it’s worth as a metric was questionable, at best!

Still, today, for the umpteenth time, every noob and his cousin is either crying because they aren’t pulling the PR9 they KNOW they deserve, or jumping on their desk because they finally jumped from PR0 to PR1! Woot!

Reminds me of a dog chasing a car, that it has no idea how to drive.

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  • Rob Jones

    Heck doc, how do you *really* feel about PR devotees?

    Btw – I realize ignorance isn’t mandatory. I’m a volunteer. :P

    • http://docsheldon.com Doc Sheldon

      Volunteerism is a wonderful thing. There are so few of us left, Rob! ;)

  • http://twitter.com/jamesholden James Holden

    Yep, people obsess over it. There’s still a correlation to ranking though: http://rckt.me/mb2k

    • http://docsheldon.com Doc Sheldon

      Perhaps, James. But correlation doesn’t establish a causal relationship.

  • http://twitter.com/SeoKungFu Boris Krumov

    But…but…we were taught that PR is ALL why are you trying to break our dreams :D

    • http://docsheldon.com Doc Sheldon

      “Destroyer of Dreams”…. Has a nice ring to it. I’d need a new avatar, though. Any suggestions, Boris? ;)

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